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On the evening of June 30, 2017, I had the honor to read “The Older the Ginger,” a short story by Vanessa Hua. The setting was a regular event planned by the group that organizes Stories on Stage in Sacramento. First a photograph of the author and the reader.

 The evening had been promoted on KVIE, Capital Public  Radio

The evening had been promoted on KVIE, Capital Public  Radio. Here is the link to the podcast which consists primarily of an interview with the author. It also includes an excerpt of my reading. Perhaps there will be one of the entire reading or even a YouTube video of the reading. That would certainly be reported in my next post.

For more information on the accomplished author-journalist (for the San Francisco Chronicle) Vanessa Hua, click for her website.

Here is a photograph of the reader in action (right).

And a link to a Youtube video of the reading. (You may need to turn the volume up.)

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