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I am active in a local theater group, Community Asian Theatre of the Sierra.

Below are some of our productions, most recently The White Snake (2017)

 As a Narrator.

As Canopus in a scene




Video clips of Xu Xian’s dilemma and the Wedding Scene.

The cast of Chinglish (2016)

The King and I (2011)

I played the Kralahome who is something of a “heavy.”  The makeup was easy this time (it has not always been so).

It was a wonderful experience especially because of the cast of children aged six to sixteen.  Life is so full of promise.

More pictures at the following link to my Picasa — Album of The King and I

The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet (2015) – picture of the cast and crew



The Ingenious Judge Dee (2015)

I organized a dramatic reading of The Ingenious Judge Dee. This turned out better than I could have hoped for due to the strong cast that I was fortunate to recruit. Here is a picture of most of us.

From left to right, Rene Sprattling, Dinah Smith, Brett Torgrimson, Hock, Drue Mathies, Lois Ewing and Eric Tomb.

Read more about Hock’s Ingenious Judge Dee production.

Also see, About the Author


Some Additional (unrelated) Judge Dee productions.



Judge Dee Mysteries by Robert van Gulik

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